Q: When will Writing Your Practice be offered again?
A: Join us Fall 2016!
we are launching a NEW Creativity Intensive called Speak Your Voice! Join us this fall or sign up for my mailing list to receive next year’s Writing Your Practice dates in your inbox.

Q: What is the Writing Your Practice Schedule?
A: Join us Fall 2016 – Wednesdays, 12-1pm, (EDT/EST)
Writing Your Practice Fall Schedule:
October (tbd)
November (tbd)
December (tbd)

Q: How do I know if Writing Your Practice is right for me?
Wednesday, (Date tbd), 12-1pm (EDT/EST)
Telling Your Story: Yoga, Myth, and Your Creative Process

I am offering a free 1 hour class featuring myths, writing exercises, and Q&A. Find out if Writing Your Practice is for you in this free session. To phone in:
call  (805) 399-1000
access code #219352

Q: What is the cost for Writing Your Practice?
A: There are two different options:
Option 1 – For Writing Your Practice: $350 for all 10 sessions. Or be an EARLYBIRD! Sign up before October 1 for only $320. This includes live participation, downloads of all sessions, ongoing access to the Facebook group discussion, supplemental images and materials, 10 Weekly Key Concepts documents summarizing each session, posted weekly.
Option 2 – For the complete Writing Your Practice as described above AND a Private Writer’s Coaching Session with me: $450 (EARLYBIRD-before October 1 for only $420). This includes all of Option 1 plus one-on-one work. See below.

Q: If I choose Option 2, what does a Private Writer’s Coaching session consist of?
A: The Private Writer’s Coaching Session consists of my reading, editing, discussing, and critiquing specific pieces of your writing in order to develop your writing style, grammar, sentence structure, and composition, and to prepare them for publishing. We will examine writing habits that are working and could be developed as well as habits that are holding you back. We will refine your style, deepen your voice, and launch you into the next phase of your writing life. Being edited can be tough, but every time I’ve been through the process, I’ve emerged a better writer.

  • I will read 3-5 pages of your writing (separate pieces or one piece) sent to me 1 week in advance of our session so I have time to thoroughly go through it and make comments.
  • We will have a 45 minute phone, Skype, Freeconference.com, or live (if you’re in NYC!) Coaching Session after I edit your writing to discuss it all and make a plan for your next steps. Date and time to be determined by the two of us.

Writing Your Practice

Q: Will the Writing Your Practice teleclasses be recorded so I can listen to them later?
A: YES, all calls will be recorded and made available for download. You will have always have access to these calls, which you can play on any device that can handle MP3 files.

Q: Is it important or necessary to make the calls live?
A: NO. While it’s great to be on the calls live, since you can ask questions and offer your responses, it is by no means necessary. If you can make some of them live — great. If you can’t, just download the MP3 of the call later that week and you’ll get all caught up in no time. Any questions or comments you have can be shared in the Facebook Group.

Q: What if I want more individual input on my writing?
A: Schedule a Private Writing Coaching Session, as explained above. If you want more specific one-on-one discussion, revision, or critique of your writing, you can schedule a private session with me for a discounted rate, as included in the Writing Your Practice Option 2, or at any later date for $150, date and time to be determined by the two of us. What this entails:
• 45 minute time scheduled for our private discussion.
• 3-5 pages of your writing sent to me 1 week in advance of our session so I have time to thoroughly go through it and make comments.
• meeting via phone, Freeconference.com, Skype, or live if you’re in NYC!
• Please note – ANYONE can sign up for a Private Writing Coaching Session whether or not they have enrolled in Writing Your Practice

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