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Strength • Delicacy • Change

Steadfastness • Thoughtfulness

Wisdom • Agility • Insight • Power

Playfulness • Kindness • Focus

Intensity • Weightiness • Lightness

Sweetness • Transformation

30 Things About Ganesha is a comprehensive 10 week introduction to the foundational concepts of Ganesha, the much-beloved elephant-headed deity, popularly known as the Remover of Obstacles. In this course, you will gain an essential overview of Ganesha: his significance, his symbolism, and his related rituals. You will acquire key concepts of yoga philosophy through the lens of the Tantric tradition. Through the study of Ganesha, you will set goals, make commitments to your goals, and learn specific practices to support them. The course will be exploratory, engaging, and fun!

With the information in each newsletter, you will also receive a prompt for a specific practice, ritual, or contemplation. These prompts will be basic but meaningful, so you can engage as deeply as you wish in the material, from gathering the material for future use, to writing or chanting daily throughout the course. What you acquire in 30 Things About Ganesha will be of ongoing practical application far beyond our 10 weeks together.

In addition to the newsletters, there will be 2 Conference Calls during the course for general discussion, conversation, idea-sharing, and Q&A.

Check Back for Upcoming Dates

Additionally, you will have access to:

  • 2 live in-depth calls about specific aspects of Ganesha during the course (recorded and downloadable)
  • A private Facebook group where I will answer your questions, and we will all share reflections, relevant articles and images, personal experiences, and creative work


How It Works

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will receive a Ganesha Newsletter focused on one particular aspect of the much-beloved elephant-headed god. The Newsletters will include the following:

  • 1-3 images of Ganesha
  • Explanations of Ganesha’s symbolism and significance
  • Ganesha’s key iconography: his appearance and attributes, tools and weapons
  • Ganesha’s many roles in the Hindu pantheon
  • Myths and anecdotes of Ganesha
  • Mantras associated with Ganesha
  • Mudras associated with Ganesha
  • Meditation prompts for contemplation and journaling
  • Specific practices for accessing Ganesha’s energies of steadfastness and transformation within yourself

30 Things Course Price

Tuition $167

30 Things + One-on-One Session with Susanna

Tuition $267


Listen to this Introductory Talk featuring the Ganesha Creation Story
and how it relates to your life.  Stream or Download!

Dive in deeply one-on-one

This is also a perfect time to go deeper. I highly encourage you to dive into these Ganesha-based practices in your own individual way so they take on a lasting meaning in your life. I encourage you to sign up for a one-on-one private skype or phone session with me to bring your studies and practices to the next level.

You will emerge from 30 Things with an even more extensive range of knowledge about Ganesha. You will learn personalized ways to implement Ganesha-based practices in your everyday life.


You can use a one-on-one session to get credit hours toward your yoga alliance continuing ed credits. I am a ERYT-500 and YACEP, and I care deeply about your education. To assist your learning process, I will require a 1-2 sentence summary or reflection on each of the 30 Ganesha newsletters sent to me in advance of our session. During your session, we will discuss your reflections, questions, and move more deeply into the material, implementing a plan for how you will use it to deepen your teaching and personal practices. This is my way of nurturing your learning process and insuring that you have read, contemplated, and can comfortably work with the vast range of information that I will be sharing with you.


Life invites us to create meaning in narratives: in voice and gesture, with hearts investing in the powers of memory and imagination. Join Susanna Harwood Rubin for this amazing opportunity to further your skills and develop a richer practice of yoga. A remarkable opportunity to work with a gifted, accomplished teacher in the company of great souls and worthwhile conversation.
~Dr. Douglas Brooks, founder Rajanaka Yoga

Susanna’s participation In our teacher training in Paris introducing yoga philosophy and myth was truly magical! She brings faraway concepts & characters and makes them relevant to our daily life.

~Janelle Waters-Oliel, Yoga Teacher, Owner of Big Apple Yoga France

Susanna is a gifted storyteller who shares not just the wonder and magnificence of the ancient Goddesses, but teaches us to apply their bravery, enchantment and wisdom to our own lives. In her descriptions of Saraswati’s artistry or Parvati’s love or Kali’s ferocity, we see reflected our own great fortune (a Lakshmi!) at being engaged humans in the 21st century.

~Martine Trelaun, Yogateau Creator

I loved the 30 Things About Ganesha course! For one thing, there were far more than thirty! The course was packed with goods, from images to mantra to stories and more, and truly opens up deep access to Ganesha as one’s own self. I looked forward to each day’s offering and continue to draw from these resources.

~Randall Buskirk, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

The one-on-one sessions I did with Susanna enhanced my understanding and teaching of Hindu history and mythology in a way I would have never realized without her. I would highly recommend studies with her for any teacher or student interested in the history, myths and legends of yoga. She and the characters she will introduce you to will absolutely enchant you and stay with you forever.

~Nikki Albano Robinson, Yoga Teacher

Susanna’s 30 words for 30 days has been a wonderful challenge! Writing what I love has been a great joy and creates new insight into my teaching practice. She is sweet and steady in her encouragements…I am so grateful for Susanna’s offerings and will return many times. Thanks for helping me grow Susanna!

~Rachael Crawford Goolsby, Yoga Teacher, Writer