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8-Inner Landscape 6My work explores the idea of body and mind as landscape: an internal and external topography in which objects, thoughts, and memory shift and rearrange. I am interested in softening these boundaries until they become permeable, creating a fluid conversation between my body, mind, and environment. The accumulations of body parts, landscape elements, words, and art historical references are a mirroring back of my own thought processes: how I prioritize and categorize to shape my world. What I see around me correlates to what I find within. My work transforms my daily sensory experience into personal meaning.

My drawings overtly reference Indian miniatures, Japanese prints, and also iconic western nudes from Manet, Goya, and Ingres. My life as a yogi has been the greatest influence on my work in the past ten years, merging the physical and metaphysical in my life and, naturally, in the studio. The repetitive processes which have always been a part of my art making have become a form of meditation so that the acts of drawing, sewing and gluing are now ways of practicing.

My work is in numerous public and private collections, including the Addison Gallery of American Art, the Berkeley Museum of Art, and the UCLA Hammer Museum. I have exhibited internationally, participated in Artist Residencies, and have had articles written on my work in publications ranging from Flash Art to the New York Times, Sculpture Magazine, Paris Télérama, and more.

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