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Welcome to Week One!

Week 1 – Creating Your Intention: October 21
The elephant-headed Ganesha is the Lord of the Thresholds, marking the moment of new beginnings and of transformation. Creating Your Intention will form a foundation for your creative endeavor by helping you to: articulate your project, establish goals, and create a to-do list with immediate and long-term action items. Inspired by Ganesha myth and practices, you will articulate your goals, outline your project’s big picture, and divide it into manageable steps.

small ganesh Shrine in Meenaksi Temple Courtyard

This is a small Ganesha Shrine in the Meenaksi Temple Courtyard in Madurai. One of many, but it is a beauty. We will be chanting Ganesha Mantra this week!

Hello everyone!
Throughout Speak Your Voice, Jo Ishiguro, my fabulous yogini assistant, and I will be putting content into each of the weekly course offerings. Some materials will be placed in the weekly offerings in advance, and other materials will show up week by week. Since I have A LOT planned for us, I suggest that you move week by week. Of course, if you really want to explore what is in Week 3 while we are still in Week 1, that is absolutely your choice, but I think that you will have PLENTY to keep you busy after this coming Week 1 Call.

SO…On to Ganesha and Creating Your Intention!

Here is the Week 1 Meditation: Purno’ham


SYV Workbook Week One – Click Here!


Mahankusha Mudra: a Ganesh Mudra

Mahankusha Mudra: a Ganesh Mudra

Mahankusha Mudra Video-Click to Download