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  • Art News

    I have a drawing in Art=Text=Art: Works by Contemporary Artists, at Hafnarborg | The Hafnarfjördur Centre for Culture and Fine Art in Iceland. If you don’t plan to be in Iceland any time soon, please visit the amazing Art=Text=Art online catalog, featuring an essay written on my work, a recording of me speaking about my […] Read More

  • Yoga News

    SAGARA IMMERSIONS, IMMERSIVE WAVES, and TEACHER TRAINING Sagara is the Sanskrit word for ocean, a place of vast potential in which we experience our own depth and fluency. IMMERSION: Laura Tulumbas Juell and myself will lead a full SAGARA IMMERSION at Virayoga beginning Oct 23. The Sagara Immersion provides students with a thorough knowledge of […] Read More

  • Writing News

    My most recent piece for elephant journal is called Where do you go to Meditate? My brief written meditation practice was included in the Huffington Post article, 4 Practices to Triumph in Any Trial by my fabulous friend Claudia Chan. I’ve written extensively on meditation in 2013. I welcome you to peruse my various elephant journal […] Read More

  • Upcoming Yoga Schedule

    Special Event! I am collaborating with Abhaya Yoga and StudioLiveTV for: DEVI: Four Weeks Four Goddesses. Battling Demons. Seducing Gods. Conquering Lands. Emerging from Oceans. August Tuesdays 4-5:30 Join us for a four-week series based on goddesses Kali, Laksmi, Kamaksi, and Meenaksi. Each week I will tell a different goddess story, weaving the narrative into a […] Read More

  • Writing Your Practice

    At the heart of both Yoga and Writing resides the urge toward creativity and a desire for self-expression. Both practices require a balance of structure and freedom in order to thrive. I designed Writing Your Practice specifically for yoga practitioners. The course is structured on ten powerful yogic concepts, ranging from Ganesha to the Rasas […] Read More

  • Pangea Organics

    I have been using Pangea Organics products on a daily basis for years and am happy to be a Pangea Organics Independent Beauty Ecologist. The products are phenomenal and I consider them to be the most ethically responsible cosmetics company I have encountered: good for your body and good for the environment.  When I organized […] Read More

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