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Join Susanna for a playful yet deep immersion into many of the key concepts of Yoga. Consisting of 30 different Sanskrit terms, this course provides an easy structure for yogis of all types to create a meditation and/or writing practice in a supportive community.


Sept 14th – Oct 23rd, 2020

In 30 days
you will have:


  • 30 well-defined yoga terms to use for meditation, contemplation, writing, and teaching
  • A collection of 30 newly written pieces, thoughts, and articles
  • A Facebook Group to offer support, exchange advice, and give and receive feedback
  • A new international community of yogis interested in yoga philosophy, and the origins and significance of so many of the words we hear and use in yoga.

Join Me:

30 days over the course of six weeks

How It Works:

During our six weeks together, you will connect with these essential Yoga Concepts, share ideas with other participants, and create a small body of notes and writing that deepens your connection to the yoga tradition.


One Yoga Concept a day, five days a week for six weeks. Each concept is a Sanskrit term key to the yoga tradition, clearly defined, and with several prompts for Contemplation, Meditation, and Writing.


30 words minimum each day – easy!
Why Write? Writing helps us to clarify our thoughts, and more clearly grasp concepts so we can use them in our everyday lives and teach about them too.


We will share our writings and feedback in a private Facebook Group

30Words30Days will expand and deepen your relationship to the yoga tradition in six weeks. It is a passionate yet easeful commitment to your creative self.


$30 solo

$50 with a friend


Who is 30Words30Days for?

Yoga Students: If you practice yoga, 30Words30Days will expand your knowledge, exploring how yoga can resonate off the mat and in your daily life.

Yoga Teachers: If you are a yoga teacher, 30Words30Days will deepen your knowledge of key concepts in yoga, refine your ability to articulate these concepts, and set you up with teaching themes.

Meditators: If you want to create a daily meditation practice, 30Words30Days will provide a structure.

Writers: If you want engaging concepts to write about, 30Words30Days provides endless subject matter.

How is the cost so low??

In my many years of offering online courses, this is the only one I offer at this low cost. Why so low? Because I am delighted to make basic Yoga Philosophy and a supported Writing Practice available to the widest possible range of people. I love the exchange of ideas between our various yoga traditions, and I welcome students, teachers, writers, or all of the above!

Is this different than the last time it was offered?


This is my third time offering 30Words30Days, and there are some changes!

  • For the first time, the course will be delivered via newsletter, so you will receive 30 newsletters in all. Each newsletter will be brief, playful, visually engaging, and will link to the Facebook Group, so you can easily share your ideas with our 30Words30Days community.
  • Each newsletter includes a brief video in which I read the daily word and expand upon its meaning and significance.
  • The course is delivered on a Mon-Fri five day schedule, giving us more time to explore the concepts and communicate about them.


Over 150 participants from over 15 different countries have participated in 30Words30Days – some twice, since the prompts are a great way of structuring a meditation or writing practice. Perhaps you have taken 30Words30Days before – if so, please bring your knowledge and perspective to the group!


I invite you to join us and dive into your creativity.

What Happens After I Sign Up?

Once you register:

You will be sent a link to request entry to our Private Facebook Group. If you are not on Facebook, you can still participate privately, since the course will be delivered via newsletters.

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Ready to sign up?