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Nurture and inspire your writing through storytelling, yoga philosophy, writing exercises, and discussion.

Each week presents a particular philosophical concept or key deity in the yoga tradition. Each lesson is carefully designed to unlock your creative voice. All are welcomed: novice writers, seasoned bloggers, occasional journalers, and closet poets. Bring your inquisitiveness, your notebook or tablet, and your willingness to dive into the heart of your self-expression.

Writing Your Practice offers a practical application of yoga philosophy to the practice of writing. If you are looking for an opportunity to creatively connect your life on and off of the mat, Writing Your Practice offers a structured step-by-step immersion into the heart of your self-expression.

Uncover your personal narratives
Reveal the stories buried in your body, mind, and heart

April 23 – June 25

Writing Your Practice is a 10 week immersive yoga+writing experience

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Establishing Your Practice
Part I

Part I guides you in establishing a regular writing practice, cracking open writers block through exercises and techniques to plunge you into your true subject matter. (Weeks 1-4)

Refining Your Focus
Part II

Part II refines your writing skills and your individual focus – clarifying your communication so you can move forward with confidence in your words.

Owning Your Voice
Part III

Part III uncovers your writing’s effects on yourself and on others, helping you balance your inner expression with your external life. You will own your voice and personal style.

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Yoga frees our bodies. Writing frees our minds. Together, Yoga and Writing can transform our lives.

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10 audio recordings

Weekly inspiration meme from Susanna’s book, Yoga 365

Writing Your Practice Workbook

Weekly newsletter including images, weekly key points docs, and links to the recordings

FB Discussion group

Special one-on-one session pricing (save $90)

30 Y.A. Continuing Education hours available with Tuition + 1 on 1 Session



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Establishing Your Practice

Week 1
Find Your Voice

The elephant-headed Ganesha sits at the threshold, representing transformation and new beginnings. Choosing to write is stepping through a doorway into a deeper place inside your self. Find Your Voice will guide you into this place, where you will investigate your individual habits, passions, and the qualities that make you you! Here, you will begin to find your voice.

Week 2
Create Your Practice

In order to grow as a writer, you must continually create and self-edit. But how do you sustain it? Shiva’s ongoing process of Creation, Maintenance, and Dissolution shows that in order to grow, we must establish a foundational practice. Create Your Practice will help you to design a firm weekly practice for yourself and to strategize how to balance your creative output with your editorial eye. In the words of Pattabhi Jois, “Practice, and all will come.”

Week 3
Just Write!

Kali is primal and uncensored, the ferocious embrace of every possibility. Before you narrow your subject matter and refine your prose, you have to open the floodgates. Just Write will teach you techniques for getting unstuck, overcoming your fear of the blank page or opening sentence, and letting your words flow with wild creativity and without judgment.

Week 4
Access Your Potential

Hanuman is a shape-shifting yogi whose devotion is unwavering. He shows that everything you put out into the world is an expression of what you care about and who you are. In Access Your Potential, you will investigate your own gifts, uncovering what you want to write about, and expressing it unwaveringly.

Refining Your Focus

Week 5
Refine Your Practice

Shri means abundance, but also refinement. Once your words are flowing, it’s time to look more closely at your writing style. Refine Your Practice will show you how to expand and tone your descriptions by using words with precision. With more linguistic and stylistic choices, your words will come alive.

Week 6
Expand Your Voice

The most skillful writers access a wide range of mental and emotional states. The Rasas, known as the flavors of experience, show us that in writing, we draw upon all our experiences. In Expand Your Voice, you will explore from the comic to the grotesque, from the ecstatic to the peaceful, recognizing that they are not always far apart.

Week 7
Set Your Goals

In The Gita, Krishna tells the warrior Arjuna that he must step up and do his job – to engage on the field of life. Similarly, as a writer you need to own your purpose, pinpoint what you want to express, and insure that your details compel it forward. In Set Your Goals, you will learn to be decisive in your editing so your ideas glitter with precision.

Owning Your Voice

Week 8
Show Don’t Tell

To write powerfully, you need to show something rather than tell about it. The Goddess Durga demonstrates pure action, using every tool she has in order to dispatch demons with finesse. As we tell our stories, we will differentiate showing from telling so our narratives contain power.

Week 9
Embrace Your Diversity

Writing helps us to know ourselves better, nurturing our inner dialogue so we recognize our vastness. We are multifaceted beings shaped by both life experience and biology. Embrace Your Diversity presents Subrahmanya, Ganesha’s brother, whose prismatic nature demonstrates how we can and must draw from all parts of ourselves.

Week 10
Make Yourself Heard

Publishing your writing involves balancing day-to-day practicalities with the often-unpredictable creative impulse. Make Yourself Heard uses the concepts of Karma (action) and Lila (chance, play) to get your writing out into the world. Whether you write for your website, a magazine, or Instagram, you will strategize to expand your audience.



How do I know if Writing Your Practice is right for me?


Transforming Your Life through the Yoga of Writing

Why Myth Matters – Discovering Your Personal Narrative

Download or Stream these two free 1 hour classes featuring myths, writing exercises, and yoga philosophy. Find out if Writing Your Practice is for you in these free sessions.

What does a Private Coaching session consist of?

The Private Writer’s Coaching Session consists of my reading, editing, discussing, and critiquing specific pieces of your writing in order to develop your writing style, grammar, sentence structure, and composition, and to prepare them for publishing. We will examine writing habits that are working and could be developed as well as habits that are holding you back. We will refine your style, deepen your voice, and launch you into the next phase of your writing life. Being edited can be tough, but every time I’ve been through the process, I’ve emerged a better writer.

  • I will read 3-5 pages of your writing (separate pieces or one piece) sent to me 1 week in advance of our session so I have time to thoroughly go through it, edit, and make comments.
  • We will schedule a 1 hour Skype, Conference, or Facetime Coaching session, or we can meet live if you’re in NYC! We will make a plan for your next steps.

Will the Writing Your Practice teleclasses be recorded so I can listen to them later?

YES, all calls will be recorded and links sent to you for download.

Is it necessary to make the calls live?

NO. While it’s great to be on the calls live, since you can ask questions at the end, it is by no means necessary. If you can make some of them live — great. If you can’t, just download the call recording later that week. Any questions or comments you have can be shared in the Facebook Group.

What if I want more individual input on my writing?

Schedule a Private Coaching Session, as explained above. If you want more specific one-on-one discussion, revision, or critique of your writing, you can schedule a private session with me for a discounted rate, as included in the Writing Your Practice Option 2, or at any later date for $200, date and time to be determined by the two of us. What this entails:
• 1 hour scheduled for our private discussion.
• 3-5 pages of your writing sent to me 1 week in advance of our session.
• Coaching Session via Skype, Facetime, Conferencing, or live if you’re in NYC!
• Please note – ANYONE can sign up for a Private Coaching Session whether or not they have enrolled in Writing Your Practice