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A five-month writing lab for Soulful Creatives to bring their stories to life.

Feb  1 – June 30, 2022

Do you have a specific writing project to move forward and can’t seem to begin?
Do you want to establish a regular writing practice but keep putting it off?
Are you filled with creative energy but not enough discipline?
Do you have a meaningful story to tell but are not sure how to organize it?
Do you wish to be a part of a supportive writing community but haven’t found it?


I’ve designed The Embodied Writing Immersion for you!

This immersion offers the inspiration, structure, and community you need to transform your writing process.

I’ve been there, and I know it works.

The Embodied Writing Immersion is for soulful individuals who wish to dive into a meaningful writing practice. If you have a specific project gestating or want to finally move forward on creating the writing practice you’ve always wanted, The Embodied Writing Immersion is for you. You might create an outline for your book or write the first three-four chapters. You can write a collection of essays, poems, or develop a manual to support your teaching practice. You might work on establishing a clear voice in your writing and develop a series of articles or simply create a sustainable writing practice.

In The Embodied Writing Immersion, we will personalize your writing goals so that they serve your individual creative sensibility and needs, and we will get the work done!

The Embodied Writing Immersion is a five month container in which you will get the kind of support and inspiration you need to successfully develop your ideas and to steadily produce your writing.


Do you want this year to finally be the one in which your writing transforms?
Do you want to connect body to mind so your writing becomes juicy and filled with physicality?
Are you looking for a creative community that offers support and companionship on the creative path?
Do you wish you had someone holding you accountable and cheering you on?
Do you need assistance structuring and moving forward on your writing project?

If any of the above questions resonate,

join me for this 5-Month soul dive
into your Mind & Body!

Listening to you share stories / mythology which were an essential part of my childhood has been a real pleasure. The energy with which you share these stories is infectious. You’re able to take mythological sagas set in ancient times and make them accessible to an audience of the 21st century.

Sunitha Narayanphysiotherapist & yoga practitioner


When we get into our bodies, our minds open. 

When we breathe and move we literally shift the chemistry of our bodies. And guess what? Our brains are part of our bodies, so movement affects thought. This is TRUE!
We begin to think differently because our bodies have the capacity to change the way our minds work.

I know this well from personal experience.

Years ago when I danced, it shifted my art and writing. I began thinking differently about space, time, my body in relation to everything around it, and all the information I was drinking in through my embodied experience.



When I became a yoga practitioner and then teacher, incorporating meditation, asana, mudra, and breathing practices into my daily life, my creative work utterly transformed. I realized that my body could often lead the way in my creativity, teaching my mind to open in completely unexpected ways.


 These embodied practices were the best thing I ever did for my writing and artwork – they infused my creative work with a physicality that had not previously been there. My ideas poured out of me and my writing and drawing became fluid and easeful.


My work felt more alive, more vivid, more fully ME.

And yours will too.

When we join movement to writing, amazing things begin to happen.


  • Your half-written article or essay becomes infused with new inspiration.
  • Your collection of thoughts begins to take shape.
  • The structure of your dream writing project becomes clear.
  • Your daily writing practice feels joyful and pleasurable.
  • You break through writers block because there is so much to say and tell.

This is why I began teaching movement and writing courses over ten years ago.

And this is why I created The Embodied Writing Immersion for you.

Susanna’s class offered me not just the opportunity to spend two hours every week immersed online in a community of writers for seven weeks, it also encouraged me to cultivate a daily writing practice and to read texts in a more focused and mindful way. It is difficult to overstate how much those two dedicated hours flowed over into the rest of my life, spurring a very creative period in the midst of an otherwise difficult year.

Anna KushnerWriter & Translator

Here’s the Plan

Tell Me More About Embodied Writing

When we deepen our awareness of our bodies, we perceive the world differently. We begin to know ourselves in ways we previously did not. This enables us to perceive and articulate things we never realized were present within us. We begin to communicate differently. We develop connections between words and body, movement and self-expression.


When we are in touch with our bodies, we write from our entire physical visceral experience of the world – not simply our mental one. This makes our writing richer, grittier, more sensory, and more deeply reflective of the entirety of our human experience.

What Is An Embodied Writing Session Like?

In each weekly session we begin with a meditation, breath, sound, or movement practice. Shifting our bodies creates chemical change which enables us to think differently. We marry the visceral information of our bodies to the conceptual workings of our minds, shifting the tone and content of our writing.


After this embodiment practice, we will write, share our writing or share about the writing process (no forced sharing!), then settle down to a discussion of our projects, brainstorming, asking questions, and offering support. Every person will have a chance to speak and receive feedback. We will conclude each session with a brief meditation to carry us through the rest of the week.


Each week, we will view our ideas from new perspectives as the mind-body connection deepens.

What Does Soul Have To Do With It?

The minute you make the choice to join body to mind in your creative process, you are choosing a soulful way of viewing the world – one that does not separate the mental from the physical or the spiritual. When we accept the idea that each of us is body, mind, and spirit wrapped up together in a unique package, we have connected with soul – an affirmation of the beauty and mystery of creativity and of being human. Art comes from the unanswered question, the exploration, from our desire to expand our experiences to learn more about ourselves and our world.

Thinking About It? Envision This:
  • You access a creative flow state through your breath and body.
  • Your body-mind connection deepens, shifting your relationship to language and creativity.
  • Your writing becomes infused with physicality.
  • Your physical, mental, and spiritual lives become more deeply intertwined
  • Your writing project opens up in a new and unexpected way.
  • You have created a substantial body of work in five months.

Curious? Want to learn more?

Join Me For A Free Workshop

In The Embodied Writing Immersion, I share my personal method for generating and nurturing creative work. It is based on these 6 Elements of Creativity:

TRUST – Trust your creative impulse.
BELIEVE – Believe in yourself and your value.
EMBODY – Connect body, mind, and spirit to express your fullest self.
FOCUS – Be fearless in your focus.
ACT – Don’t hesitate – take action – dive in.
FLOW – Stop censoring yourself and let your creativity flow.

In The Embodied Writing Immersion, you will:

  • Complete substantial creative work by the end of our 5-month container..
  • Join a supportive community of creatives.
  • Be held accountable for your creative work.
  • Infuse your creativity with mindfulness and movement practices.
  • Gain just enough structure to enable you to consistently create.
  • Connect with other soulful and passionate individuals.

Susanna is a powerful, generous and soulful person. She teaches from a genuine place in her heart and marries her deep knowledge with her rich life experience. When I take a writing course with Susanna (I’ve taken many), she guides me to open doors inside of me that I didn’t know existed. The thoughtful questions she asks, the intelligent phrasing of her words and the pace and tone of her voice. This is the magic of Susanna’s teaching.

Time and time again, I am moved by the way Susanna’s own embodiment influences me. I feel a heightened sense of myself. I begin to play with my creativity and allow ideas to flow freely. Each course has taken me on a new journey.

Susanna is a remarkable teacher! Every course is worthwhile.

Jo IshiguroYoga Teacher & Founder of AsWeMove

When you join The Embodied Writing Immersion, you will receive:

  • 22 Live Embodied Writing Group Zoom Sessions to form and support your writing project.
  • 3 INDIVIDUAL 1-on-1 Sessions with me to organize, discuss, and edit your work.
  • A 5 Month Container Providing Direction and Accountability for your work.
  • 10 Motivational Newsletters delivered Bi-Monthly with quotes and thoughts about writing
  • Ongoing Feedback from me about your project’s theme, development, and direction
  • Consistent Support from me in maintaining your momentum and getting your work done.
  • Opportunities to Present your project to the group. There’s power in sharing it out loud!
  • Links to Stream all Zoom sessions on-demand


  • Free Friday Yoga Class with me for the duration of the course (noon EST)
  • Ongoing access to me via Email and Voxer
  • Accountability check-ins from me and from the group
  • Facebook Group to share writing, ideas, and questions.

Who is The Embodied Writing Immersion for?

If you are a soulful and passionate creative, this is for you.
If you want to find focus and take action in your writing, this is for you.
If you want a creative container in which to explore your thoughts and ideas, this is for you.
If you want to establish consistent writing habits, this is for you.
If you have a project you want to complete this coming year, this is for you.
If you wish to deepen your individual body-mind connection, this is for you.

Price: $2995 with Payment Plan

Pay In Full: $2795

(a $200 discount)

Payment Plan:

5 monthly payments of $599

The Practical Stuff

When does the course begin and end?

Feb  1 – June 30, 2022

What is the Bi-Monthly Newsletter?

This means that on the first and third Monday of each month, you will receive a newsletter from me with quotes and thoughts about writing. These Newsletters will bolster our Weekly Embodiment Sessions, and help maintain continuity in our thinking and writing.

What Are the Zoom Session Dates?

  • These occur each Wednesday, Feb 2-June 29 11am-12pm EST.
  • Feb 2, 9, 16, 23
  • March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
  • April 6, 13, 20, 27
  • May 4, 11, 18, 25
  • June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

What if I can’t make the calls live? Is it worth it?

ABSOLUTELY! The weekly calls are just one element of this course. You will be lavished with attention from me via email and the FB group! And you can always reach out to me privately – I will answer as soon as I see your message.

How do the three 1 on 1 sessions work?

We can do this via Zoom or via a phone call, if you prefer. It will be recorded for you to download. Previous to our session, I will read and review some of your writing so our session will be rich, supportive, and useful.

How does the Facebook Group work?

The Facebook group is where we share ideas, images, thoughts, writing, ask questions and solicit opinions. Some people use it constantly and others only occasionally. It is a place of support and accountability. While it is not obligatory, it provides all participants with an ongoing touchstone for their creative practices.

When will we be able to access the weekly Zoom recordings if we miss the call?

Within 24-48 hours you will be able to stream and download the talk.

Are there refunds given?

There will be no refunds given for this course once it begins. There is a $50 processing fee if cancelled prior to start.

What if I want more individual input on my writing?

If you want to schedule another 1 on 1 session with me, as a member of this community, you may do so at half-price during WTYC. Normally $200, you will only pay $100! You can message me about this at any time.