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Private Study + Yoga

with Susanna


One of my favorite things I do as a yoga teacher, writer, and artist is to work with people individually to develop their practices, set goals, teach them about myth, mantra, mudra, ritual and the temple traditions, and help them to create and nurture their own individual sadhanas.


Most of the people I work with are outside of NYC, so hopping on a Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, or Zoom call is a normal thing for me.

Live or Online Sessions are Available for Individuals & Groups

Yoga Asana

Practice individually or in a small group. Develop a yoga practice or refine your current practice. Available at beginner, intermediate, and teacher levels.

Pranayama + Meditation

Learn basic and advanced techniques, developing powerful lifelong practices.


Your sadhana is your personal spiritual practice. We will develop a set of practices that works for you.


Develop and refine your writing using yoga philosophy, Hindu myth, literature, poetry and art.

Teacher Mentoring

Develop and expand your teaching skills, learn new teaching techniques, and refine your instructions to make your classes come alive.

Yoga Philosophy + Myth

Learn about the history of yoga, the vast and beautiful world of Hindu myth, and why they matter in your life. Learn the names, mantras, myths, mudras and associated traditions of the deities.

Temple Traditions

Learn the basics of puja (ritual), and learn how to incorporate basic ritual into your everyday life in a meaningful way.

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