Susanna Harwood Rubin Photographs Welcome to Devi Soul Yoga.

Teaching since 2002, Susanna inspires through her passion for Hindu myth, mantra, and the Tantric tradition, specifically Rajanaka Tantra, which she has studied for over sixteen years in the U.S. and in South India. Susanna believes that your body is your temple, and whether you are in a yoga studio or in nature, traveling or at home, you can celebrate your embodied life by stepping onto your mat and moving with your breath. Her spiritual home is the great Nataraja Temple of Chidambaram.

Susanna created Devi Soul Yoga, an approach to teaching that includes Hindu myth, mantra, mudra, and meditation in each of her classes. She combines these practices with a careful attention to alignment and an emphasis on the breath to guide flowing movement sequences. Her classes are challenging, inviting students into the deep sweetness of svadhyaya, or self-study.

Off the mat, Susanna spends her time writing and drawing. Her book, Yoga 365, was released by Chronicle Books in October 2016, and is in its fourth printing. Susanna writes for numerous publications, including The Huffington Post, Mantra Wellness, Yoga JournalElephant Journal, and NY Yoga+Life Magazine.

Susanna created the popular Writing Your Practice and 30Things workshops and online courses, which apply yoga philosophy and myth to the practice of writing, unlocking yogis’ creativity and refining their self-expression. Students from over 25 countries have participated since 2011.

Susanna is based in New York City, but teaches internationally. Her current weekly classes are at Brooklyn’s Abhaya Yoga and YogaWorks Soho. She teaches public workshops in Yoga Philosophy, Myth, Mantra, Meditation, and Writing, and guest teaches for numerous teacher trainings. She teaches, mentors, and coaches privately in these areas as well.

Susanna has presented at venues such as The Rubin Museum of Art (no relation!), The Financial Gym, and S.H.E. Summit, and loves to work with both school groups and corporate groups, believing that everyone can benefit from Yoga and Meditation. Susanna has been profiled on the HuffPost Live, MSNBC Today, YogaCityNYC, J. Brown’s Yoga Talks, The Shakti Hour, and more. She is E-RYT 500 and YACEP.

Susanna is deeply grateful to Dr. Douglas Brooks, Leslie Kaminoff, and Sianna Sherman for continually inspiring, supporting, and challenging her.

Susanna first remembers loving to write in grade school, spending hours writing and illustrating books of her own poetry. This expanded into a life-long passion for literature and writing through a rigorous academic education at Phillips Andover Academy, where she read everything from Shakespeare to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Toni Morrison to Balzac, then at Middlebury college, where she fell madly in love with Marcel Proust while studying in Paris.

She has never looked back.

Photo RoxxeNYCAfter finishing her MFA at the School of Visual Arts, Susanna spent years writing and lecturing for MoMA, including co-writing the book Looking at Matisse and Picasso. She also created MoMA’s first art and writing classes, collaborating closely with Harvard University’s Project Zero, the university’s educational research group, to develop and implement curriculum in New York City schools and at the museum. She continues to contribute to art publications and websites, recently writing essays on several prominent Minimalist artists for the exhibition catalog New York New Drawings 1946-2007 at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente in Spain and the website Art=Text=Art, a traveling museum exhibition. Her drawings were also included in both exhibitions.

Susanna currently writes on yoga, writing, art, and life for a number of publications, including The Huffington Post, Mantra Wellness, Yoga Journal, NY Yoga+Life, and more. She created the popular Writing Your Practice and 30Things workshops and online courses, which apply yoga philosophy and myth to the practice of writing. She loves to assist other yogis and writers in finding and refining their voices.  She expands this practice by giving talks on yoga and Hindu myth, and continues to talk about Proust to anyone who will listen.

My work explores the idea of body and mind as landscape: an internal and external topography in which objects, thoughts, and memory shift and rearrange. I am interested in softening these boundaries until they become permeable, creating a fluid conversation between my body, mind, and environment. The accumulations of body parts, landscape elements, words, and art historical references are a mirroring back of my own thought processes: how I prioritize and categorize to shape my world. What I see around me correlates to what I find within. My work transforms my daily sensory experience into personal meaning.

My drawings overtly reference Indian miniatures, Japanese prints, and also iconic western nudes from Manet, Goya, and Ingres. My life as a yogi has been the greatest influence on my work in the past ten years, merging the physical and metaphysical in my life and, naturally, in the studio. The repetitive processes which have always been a part of my art making have become a form of meditation so that the acts of drawing, sewing and gluing are now ways of practicing.

My work is in numerous public and private collections, including the Addison Gallery of American Art, the Berkeley Museum of Art, and the UCLA Hammer Museum. I have exhibited internationally, participated in Artist Residencies, and have had articles written on my work in publications ranging from Flash Art to the New York Times, Sculpture Magazine, Paris Télérama, and more.