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An expedition through self-knowledge, self-expression, healing, creativity, and community.

When we fully inhabit our bodies, we gain greater access to our hearts and minds. This is the premise of Embodied Writing.

What does an Embodied Writing session consist of?

Each session begins with an Embodiment Practice, meaning either meditation, movement, or pranayama. After the physical exploration, we shift directly into writing exercises, including prompts, brainstorms, mapping, automatic writing, and more.


Why do Embodiment Practices first?

When we move, we literally shift the chemistry of our bodies. And guess what? Our brains are part of our bodies, so our movement affects our thinking. We begin to think differently, so we begin to write differently. Cultivating flow in our bodies creates the possibility for flow in our self-expression.


How will this be different from my regular writing practice?

Disciplining yourself to sit down and write is an entirely different process from being guided in community. Together, we let go of our ideas about “should” and delight in exploring the possibilities that arise when we release into a shared guided experience.

Embodied Writing is for self-knowledge, self-expression, healing, creativity, and community. Get into your body to find the words. Express yourself. Join us.

Monthly Membership: $87/mo
1 Month only: $108

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Join Susanna Thursdays 11am- 12pm EST
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Monthly membership is a 3- month commitment (October-December)