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Susanna’s Yoga Book will be published Fall 2016 by Chronicle Books.
She is a regular contributor on yoga and art to the following publications:

Looking at Matisse and PicassoSusanna is the co-author of Looking at Matisse and Picasso, the book accompanying the Museum of Modern Art‘s Matisse/Picasso exhibition, 2003. Published by MoMA.

Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso have long been seen as the twin giants of modern art. Despite their rivalry, each came to acknowledge the other as his only true equal: Matisse would eventually say, “Picasso sees everything,” while for Picasso, “All things considered, there is only Matisse.” This book is one of two produced to accompany a major exhibition on the two artists’ work.

Art=Text=Art  exhibition essay, “Writing as Ritual”

“I remember one year of my life that was particularly challenging. I wrote every day, much of it banal, boring, self-absorbed, and composed of sloppy prose that was intended for no one’s eyes-not really even my own, because the act of writing was a purging. Whatever traces of my activity that remained on the page when I was finished were already irrelevant to me. I drew something out of my mind by giving it a form outside of myself. The act of inscribing was what was significant, not the evidence of the act. At the end of the year I shredded almost all of it.” — SHR