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Make Yourself Heard!

Ganesha Dancing

Welcome to Speak Your Voice.

For the next 5 Weeks you will be diving into the center of your creativity. By joining this community, you are committing to your individual voice and to giving life to your creative vision.

You will learn yoga philosophy and myths, and learn strategies for applying them to your everyday life.

You will acquire meditation, mantra, and mudra practices that will focus you, ignite your creativity, and support your process.

Living a creative life is a practice. Our Speak Your Practice community will inspire your commitment and support your creative vision. We are thrilled to have you here with us.

Speak Your Voice is a Writing Your Practice Program.

Select a week from the course navigation in the sidebar to get started!


Call-In Information, Times, and Schedule

The Week #1 Call will be at Noon-1pm this Wednesday, October 21.
This is New York City/East Coast USA time, so please check your time zone
The call will be recorded, and Jo will post the recording Thursday morning.

Week #2 and Week #3 will be prerecorded, but will be posted on Wed, Oct 28th and Wed, Nov 4, so that we can keep to the schedule. Jo will post a notice in the FB Group when she posts each of these calls.

I will be teaching in Paris that week, but will still be constantly available on Facebook for questions, comments, and anything else that you will need. I just didn’t want to rely on unknown wifi, so I am recording the sessions before I depart.

I would love to add an open call-in discussion session while the course is in session. I have found, over the past few years of teaching online,  that it is best to just record the content without interruption because of the delays and sound issues that happen when switching between callers during Q&A. So on the weeks when I record live, I will stop the recording, but remain on the line for those who wish to have open discussion time. This includes tomorrow. For others, who cannot make the call times(and that is many of you), I will schedule at least one open discussion time and invite you to call in. This will happen after  Nov 7.

Week #4 and Week #5 will be live once again, Noon-1pm
Please check the time change again at this time, since Daylight Savings time kicks in on Nov 1.

To phone in for the call:

  1. Call (805) 399-1000
  2. Type in access code #219352
  3. Follow all directions!
  • If you have your Facebook settings arranged so that you get emails each time something is posted in the group, you will know the minute the download is posted!