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The Beauty of the Universe

Universe (via jurvetson)

Imagine your body as a universe – a vast cosmic landscape in which every planet and every star is a point of energy signifying one of your particular qualities, talents, or aspects of your identity. Imagine each of these coalesced points of energy as a marker of some aspect of your life. Now imagine recognizing that that vastness, that sense of limitless possibility, that ever-expanding tapestry of seen and unseen, darkness punctuated with flashes of illumination…is your very essence.

Just as a star pulses, expanding and contracting energetically, so do we. When you feel depleted mentally, physically, or spiritually, when you have a hesitation of the heart – anxiety, self-doubt, or feelings of unworthiness, hug in to your inner universe – to the constellation of your own complexities. By moving inward, we become expansive. This is not a contradiction. It is an essential fact of the natural world. A dense and compact seed contains the promise of a tree. At the core of our bodies, we find infinite potential. In Anusara yoga we call this pulsation muscular and organic energy. We hug in toward the center of our bodies to tap into the expansiveness that resides there. This enables us to unfold and open, to extend and become spacious.

While it is still warm at night, go outside. If you need to, find an open space – a park or a rooftop. And just look. Receive the lessons of the inky and infinite sky. Welcome the night air into your body. Soften until there is less separation between you and the sky. Commit to recognizing your own vastness – to not getting stuck in one small corner of your personal universe. Commit to seeking out options. Step into your own enormity. And recognize that the endless night sky is a reflection of you.

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  • JodiB says:

    Oh my….that was beautiful! Your writing always touches something deep inside of me and conveys the meaning on another level through the images you paint. Thanks for sharing!